No more talk of painful areas people, its time for the Happie Holl pleasure-express to take you to uncharted cavities and unreached ecstasy. Are you ready to go exploring? We have jam-packed all our best pointers into this one post. No pics, just hard and horny facts.


1. Self exploration
If you are considering being on the receiving end of anal, a great way to break any psychological or physical boundaries is to explore solo first. Maybe you are afraid of poop. Maybe you’re afraid it will hurt. These are totally reasonable thoughts, but with self exploration you can reduce these fears. Begin with external stimulation, gentle massage and light touch on your butthole to stimulate the thousands of nerve endings found there. When you’re ready, you can try a finger or a small butt plug. Just remember to use lots of lube!


2. Communication is key
Once you’re ready to explore being penetrated by a partner, whether thats with a penis, a strap on or a dildo, discuss what feels good for both of you. What are your limits? What felt good when you explored self pleasure? What allows you to relax? What speed works best? Remember consensual sex makes for hotter sex when you both know each others limits.


3. Know the pleasure areas

For those with vulvas, you can indirectly stimulate the G spot and the A spot with anal s3x. Wha? Yeah, the wall between the vagina and the rectum ain’t that thick, so butt play is another way to stimulate these erogenous areas. For people with penises, the P spot or prostate, is a place of untapped pleasure (for a lot of straight men). A prostate induced orgasm is more of a full body orgasm, so for any straight men reading this, if you ever wanted to feel what your partner is feeling, it’s time to stick something up your butt!


4. Preparation
How’s your head?

Not that kinda head. Are you in a good head space? A relaxed butthole is key for penetration. Set the mood. If you’re a first timer, this isn't going to be a quick stop-in to pick up treats, this is a 10 course degustation of pleasure. Give it the time and space it deserves.

Fear of poop
Reality check: If you’re putting things in your butt there is a chance that you come across some poop from time to time. It’s important to minimise any shame for both people involved with compassion and understanding. Baby wipes will be your friend. And if at any point you want to take a break, that’s ok too. No stinky attitudes are welcome!


6. Plenty of lube
Lather it up
Unlike the vagina or the mouth, the butt isn’t self lubricating so it’s best to lather it up when you engage in anal. You want a penis, toy or finger to slide in with slippery ease. There are lots of great lubricants on the market. Our personal faves are Australian made brands, like Drip, Figr and LBDO that offer a range of water, oil and silicone based lubes. Each comes with its own range of perks and trade-offs. If you are using a water based lube, be sure to re-apply during sex as it evaporates with friction. We love silicone lubes too, they are long lasting and ideal for anal. Just be careful as silicone lubricants stain fabrics including bedding!


7. Get that hole humming with some foreplay
Warm up before the main event
Getting aroused is what it’s all about and is the key to relaxing those butt muscles. Massage, kissing, licking, oral sex, dirty talk or role play, whatever gets you in the mood. Don’t feel you need to rush straight to the butt.

Remember all those nerve endings we spoke about? Well they loved to be touched, try some light touch, a finger or two, the palm of the hand or if your partner is open to it, some rimming. If you’re new to rimming, imagine the butthole as perfectly pursed lips in need of a good make out session. Obviously, make sure it’s clean down there and then get that tongue wiggling!


8. Bear Down

When the time comes and you’re ready, it’s a strange thought, but you should push out when something is going into your butt. By pushing out, your butt opens up more and allows for toys or penises to slide in more easily. Once you have something or someone inside you wait for your butthole muscles to relax as you fully receive it all. You'll know when. Then you’re ready for more vigorous pleasure. Giddy up!


9. Find your pace
Go slow at first, then find a pace that works. Check in with one another. The more connected you are the hornier the sex.


10. Experiment with positions
Finding the right position can make all the difference. Some butt lovers find lying on their back with their legs up or on their side works best for them. Others prefer doggy style or spooning. Explore different positions and see what feels most comfortable and enjoyable for you.


11. Patience is paramount

Butt stuff isn't something you conquer in a single session, people. It takes time, patience, and practice. Don't be discouraged if it doesn't go perfectly the first time. Take breaks, try again later, and remember that pleasure, connection and exploration are the ultimate goals.


12. Aftercare is ass-ential

After you’re done enjoying the pleasures of butt fun, it’s important to indulge in a little aftercare. Firstly, let’s bring some well-earned attention to your arse hole! What does it need? Obviously, this is where we ‘plug’ our products! If you want that satisfying hole-hum to continue, try our After Anal Cooling cream. If you are experiencing any discomfort or soreness, calm or soothe your hole with the Sore Butt Soothing Balm. Just be sure to give your bum a good clean first!

Now that we have checked-in on your butt, you should check-in with your partner too. Use this time to evaluate the sex; what worked? What was hot and what was not? Consider that the first time might not go to plan and that’s okay. The exciting part is your butthole will always be there and ready now you’re learning how to master the art of butt fun!