Live a better life with a happier butt.

There’s no shame here when it comes to our buttholes. Working closely with a team of pharmacists, our products have been designed to soothe, cleanse and replenish the sensitive skin of any butt that’s in a rut.  After anal play, a big poop, too much pooping or everyday butt ouchies—we exist to make your hole happie again. Happie Holl is also developing educational resources on better butt care. We're talking to experts to make sure we give you the tools you need for a happier hole. Whether you’re curious about putting things inside your butt for the first time or you’ve had a bunch of experience with anal play, or maybe you just want to feel refreshed after a long day, Happie Holl has got your back—and your crack. We believe every hole deserves happiness.

Liberate your butt today!

A brand and a company are nothing without values. So here're ours:

Happie Holl wants you to love your butt as much as we do. There’re a few things we need to do to get there, most importantly normalising butt stuff and dissolving any associated shame, including dialogue around sore butts and butt play. Secondly, we’re giving you the tools and resources you need for self care down there. 

Happie Holl recognises that we’ve all had different access to information and learn differently too. We’re committed to providing a range of butt resources including: prevention and awareness around butt related issues, video tutorials on safe butt play, information on the benefits of our fancy ingredients, and of course Harrie the non-binary butt–your guide to all things butt related.

Happie Holl firmly believes that every butt deserves to be happy. This means we embrace all bodies and genders and provide a welcoming space, online and offline, to explore your curiosity.

Happie Holl is committed to giving back where we can. Community has been integral to our own journey, so we understand how important it is to support yours. We recognise this brand was created on unceded Aboriginal land and we pay our respects to past, present, and emerging First Nations people with a proportion of every sale being donated to Black Rainbow, an LGBTQIA+SB social enterprise for First Nations people.

Marc Lyons

I’ve always had issues with my butt. It started as a kid suffering from constipation. This led to my poor little butt tearing from what felt like adult-size poos. This wasn’t a pleasant experience but thankfully I grew out of it. Fast forward twenty years. I’m an out and proud gay man enjoying the full spectrum of my sexual liberation, including (unfortunately): a sore butt.

First, let’s talk about awareness —or should I say, lack thereof. I didn’t know my butt could tear from having a lot of sex! Secondly, the resources around good butt care—where could they be found? My recovery process from my first anal fissure took six months. I wouldn’t wish that kind of pain on my worst enemy. I decided to try every crazy Google search result to ease the pain: Rectogesic creams, baths, even butt specialists. The options were limited and the side effects of the creams were just not worth it. So I got creative. I started making my own home remedies —and they worked. My butt was happier and in turn, I was happier. I felt confident about future sexual encounters and my ability to care for down there.

I figured there had to be more people out there like me. More people with butt issues. More people who wanted to feel happy again. With a team of pharmacists alongside years of research, testing, and development, Happie Holl was perfected to get your butt out of its rut. Our dream is to build not only a useful range of products and a fun brand but a platform that facilitates conversation around all things butts. From rectal surgeons to midwives to nutritionists, dermatologists and sexologists; we’re rounding up different perspectives on the butt, for your full sensory pleasure.

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