Double the balm, double the comfort.

Why settle for one when two can keep you covered and comfortable for longer. Our Sore Butt Soothing Balm is here to provide your sensitive date with the much-needed relief it deserves.

Keep one at home and one on the go, so you're always prepared for any butt-emergencies.

Don't let discomfort hold you back.

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Why should I use Happie Holl?
Happie Holl provides a unique range of personal care products designed to rejuvenate and replenish the skin on the butthole, which may be feeling a little sore after anal play or too much/too big a poop. 

What about anal fissures?
An anal fissure is a persistent, painful tear on your precious butthole. They can be caused by anal sex, constipation or excessive diarrhoea and child birth. Basically any prolonged stress to the butthole can cause tearing. If you have ever come across a little bit of blood on your toilet paper, theres a strong possibility it’s a tear on your butthole. An anal fissure should be looked at by a healthcare professional, so as to diagnose the best form of treatment, which can vary. Happie Holl products can be used additionally to provide temporary coolingrelief from pain.

Which product should I use?
To put it simply, After Anal Cooling Cream is for just that: after anal. It contains menthol which creates a cooling sensation, but if you don't like the idea of that, you can use the Sore Butt Soothing balm after anal too. Sore Butt Soothing Balm is for any time your butt is feeling a little tender, after a big poop or too much poop. It can be used alongside After Anal Cooling Cream, in the days between use. 

Where do I put it?
Leave cream to settle on the butt hole without massaging in. Avoid exploring inside the butt. That’s not what the products for. You don’t put lip balm inside your mouth. Just on your sore lips.

How long/often should I use it?
We recommend using After Anal Cooling Cream and Sore Butt Soothing Balm for a maximum of 14 consecutive days from first tear/soreness. Then it’s time to let your hole breathe! 

Is there anything else I can be doing to heal quicker?
If you are still experiencing intense pain or a lot of bleeding, it’s always best to see your doctor for a closer look. The doc won’t mind, they deal with this kind of thing every day. Don’t be shy, spread those cheeks! Tell them we say hi!

What if I have a reaction?
Like most skincare and cosmetic products, it is always best to patch test before use. If you experience an adverse reaction on your backside, stop use immediately and soak your butt in warm water to ease any discomfort.

How do you prevent an anal fissure?
Anal fissures can be caused by a number of issues. Vigorous anal play can result in tearing, so it’s best to use plenty of lube as a precaution(also,lube is fun). If you’re new with anal, don't be over zealous and jump straight in, ease into it. Constipation is another issue. A huge poo can tear your butt open. A good fibrous diet is essential for healthy stools and prevention of tearing. Think balance; whole grains, fruits and vegetables, legumes, and nuts. Diarrhoea can also cause fissures. If you are unwell there’s not much you can do to slow down the pooping. Try not to over-wipe your butt with toilet paper. Use baby wipes instead to keep the area clean.

What is the expiry?
Happie Holl products have a shelf life of 12 months, after opening. 

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