We’re here to talk about normalising unwanted butt pain. 
Face the facts: at some point in your life, it‘s likely you will experience a sore butt. This could be from a big poop, too much poop, anal play or post-birth trauma. Ouch. 
Serious butt pain can also be caused by; an anal fissure (a tiny tear on your butthole), a haemorrhoid, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), perianal abscesses or possibly an STI. We could talk about sore butts for days, so to make sure this chat doesn’t become an essay, we‘ll talk about these issues in future blog posts. For now, its all about shaking off that butt pain shame!
At Happie Holl, we want talking about your butt health at a dinner party to be kosher. In fact, we want it to be a hot topic over the water cooler at work with a colleague, or even out for coffee with your mother in-law. The more we talk about our butt issues, the more we can learn that they aren’t a rarity – in fact we all face a butt issue every now and then. 
The societal shame around our butts often exists because it's where poop comes out - so it's associated with something dirty. We need to flush this away! But in reality, our butts deserve respect. They can be our best asset, they can bring us immense pleasure, and yes - can remove waste from our bodies. It’s actually incredible, what other body part can do so much?
In order to change butt perceptions, it’s important to look at our butt projections, meaning how we’ve come to be where we’re at today. We spoke with pleasure coach and best selling author, Euphemia Russell on how they help their clients dissolve shame around all things butt pain.
What is the most frequently asked question from your clients regarding butt pleasure/shame?
The question I most often hear is “is it actually that pleasurable?” Many people are intrigued but intimidated. Also many people who have prostates haven’t even been told about the possibilities for pleasure including multiple orgasms.
What’s the first thing someone should explore if they’re looking to get into butt play?
Depending on people’s pain or discomfort experiences, I suggest butt plugs through solo play as the beginner way to explore butt play. They can be so fun, and easy to explore outside sex with other people. 
I used to run PG-rated butt plug dance parties to get people exploring the possibilities of pleasure in an accessible low-key way. You can check out my butt play technique video series on my website to learn more. 
More from Euphemia in upcoming blog posts. Until then, happy butts!